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The modern way of smoking has completely changed in recent years. More people tend to choose electronic devices instead of traditional cigarettes, which are often harmful and unpleasant. The number of IQOS fans is constantly growing. And for them, it’s crucial to have a wonderful experience with the appropriate sticks. Heets will become a perfect solution for all IQOS owners. Such sticks will provide a diversity of flavors as well as many other benefits to smokers.

What are Heets sticks?

These electronic cigarettes are created as small white sticks, which contain various premium tobacco mixtures. They are produced by the same manufacturer as IQOS devices — Philip Morris International. As a result, they represent a perfect match.

It’s important to understand the way IQOS Heets work. The process of smoking is different compared to standard cigarettes. IQOS devices are created to heat the tobacco, which is located inside of sticks, with a special blade. As a result, smoking is possible thanks to heating, not burning. Thus, there’s no harmful and unpleasant smoke, ash, or smells. It’s also important to mention that with IQOS Heets, a vapor-based aerosol is produced. It then passes through a special filter to create a smoking experience, which is close to traditional cigarettes. At the same time, sticks are better for our health because fewer chemical substances get to the human system.

It’s also required to mention that sticks contain the same tobacco as any other tobacco products. However, there’s a significant difference in processing and sorting. In general, the manufacturer uses three popular varieties making exceptional blends:

  • Virginia (it’s the most popular tobacco in the world, which has a slightly sweet taste)
  • Burley (it’s a strong variety with a strong taste and intense aroma)
  • Oriental (it provides a spicy aroma and aftertaste, the tobacco isn’t strong but still rich).

Heets cigarettes are sold in packs, each of which contains 20 cigarettes. The tastes are diverse, so everyone can find a perfect variation to smoke with pleasure. To use a stick, it’s necessary to insert it into a corresponding IQOS device. Then, hold the button on the device for a few seconds. When you feel the vibration, it means heating started. Two more vibrations will signal that the device and stick are ready, and you can enjoy an exceptional flavor.

The benefits of Heets cigarettes

Many smokers made a decision to choose a healthier alternative to standard cigarettes. In fact, it possesses many advantages. Along with its special structure and smoking process, advanced IQOS sticks are able to help people get rid of harmful habits.

Let’s observe the main benefits of Heets for IQOS:

  • They are less harmful to human health (there’s no burning connected with smoking Heets, so smokers won’t breathe chemical substances in)
  • They are more environmentally friendly (again, with no burning, there’re no smoke, ash, or other chemical emissions)
  • They are absolutely compatible with IQOS (the sticks are created specifically for these devices and are able to guarantee a wonderful smoking experience)
  • They contain exceptional-quality tobacco blends (the tobacco is carefully selected and arranged for each stick to make smokers absolutely satisfied)
  • They are comfortable to use (there’s no need to throw your stick away if you need to stop smoking, just press the button on the device and then continue enjoying whenever you want)
  • They offer a diversity of flavors (Heets sticks are represented by very different tastes from conservative ones to modern fresh varieties, so everyone will find a perfect blend)
  • They provide a more pleasant smoking experience (with no unpleasant smells, smoke, or ash, you will definitely feel more satisfied).

It’s also vital to mention that Heets cigarettes have an acceptable price and they are compact. At the same time, they contain enough nicotine to help a smoker feel nice. Thus, it’s possible to feel satisfied with fewer cigarettes and in a shorter time. Another thing that attracts in Heets is their stylish design. The sticks look appealing, so you want to touch and use them.

Diverse Heets flavors — which Heets to buy?

It’s possible to talk about Heets flavors for a long time due to their great diversity. The manufacturer keeps creating new tastes in order to offer something absolutely new and unique to IQOS owners. It’s possible to divide all the flavors into several categories:

  1. Traditional tobacco flavors. They are perfect for fans of conservative tastes with no additives. The category includes such varieties as Silver, Bronze, Amber, Slate, Ruby, and a few others. Such flavors are based on pure tobacco tastes and can have various strengths. It’s possible to find mild and velvety variations as well as strong and intense ones with pleasant malt aromas.
  2. Menthol flavors. It’s a popular modern category, which is adored by smokers who prefer freshness and coolness instead of a pure tobacco taste. Among the varieties, we can mention Turquoise, Green Zing, Blue, Green, and other flavors. Some of them are supplemented with citrus and mint aftertastes, which add something special to the smoking experience.
  3. Fruit flavors. Such blends are based on rich fruit and berry notes. The tastes are sweet and fresh. Some of them are supplemented with a menthol aftertaste. Popular varieties include Purple Wave, Amarelo Fuse, Tropical Swift, and Summer Breeze.
  4. Capsule series. The lovers of capsule cigarettes will adore the novelty for IQOS devices. The owners of the device can now enjoy sticks with the capsule, which will help them discover absolutely new, rich, and intense tastes and aromas. The series is currently presented by fruit flavors — Sun Pearl with summer berries and menthol and Arbor Pearl with the tastes of garden fruit and menthol.
  5. Creations. It’s a separate collection of sticks for IQOS, which includes exceptional mixtures of tobacco with unique aromas and flavors. The series is represented by four varieties, which combine various tastes including fruit, nuts, flowers, herbs, and spices.

Where to buy Heets sticks near me?

If you choose Heets for a wonderful smoking experience, it’s vital to find a reliable distributor to buy only original products. Such sticks will preserve their quality and provide guaranteed compatibility with your device. It’s possible to find various flavors of high-quality Heets at the HTS24H online store. In our catalog, you will find a wide range of original sticks. Make an order and we will deliver it to almost any part of the USA.

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