Discover new sensations with IQOS devices

Discover new sensations with IQOS devices

Today, it becomes more and more popular to replace bad habits with something healthier and more pleasant. For smokers, IQOS has turned into something innovative that is able to support people in switching to a healthy lifestyle. Numerous IQOS devices open more opportunities to relax and enjoy various tastes.

The advantages of IQOS

Since the creation of the first innovative device, IQOS has managed to spread across the world, winning the hearts of more and more followers. Such popularity is strongly connected with numerous benefits of IQOS compared to traditional cigarettes:

  • Minimum harm to human health. We got used to the idea that tobacco should be burnt in order to initiate the smoking process. It never happens with IQOS, the principle of which is to heat the tobacco inside of sticks. It’s possible thanks to special constructions of sticks and IQOS itself. As a result, you will never breathe harmful combustion products in. It means no harm to lungs and other organs.
  • Comfort of usage. When we smoke plain cigarettes, we have don’t have a chance to stop and then continue smoking. Besides, it’s forbidden to smoke cigarettes in the majority of places. With IQOS, it’s possible to turn off the device and then continue enjoying the process with the same stick later. Besides, due to less harm, there’re more places for smoking IQOS available. Many people can safely smoke sticks at home because there’s no smoke produced.
  • High-quality tobacco. While it’s quite hard to find high-quality cigarettes today, you can always be sure in the premium quality of IQOS sticks. They are produced by the manufacturer of the device and contain carefully selected tobacco blends, which allow discovering the genuine taste.
  • No harm to the environment. As we’ve mentioned, there’re combustion products and smoke produced when we smoke standard cigarettes. With IQOS and its sticks, there’s nothing but vapor, which is absolutely harmless for the environment and people around.
  • A diversity of flavors. It’s impossible to find any sort of plain cigarettes represented by such an impressive choice of tastes. IQOS sticks are very different, so you will definitely find a perfect flavor for yourself. The variety includes traditional tobacco blends, sticks with fruits, berries, menthol, and other mixtures of tastes.
  • Money saving. While this advantage is not that obvious, you can really save your money by choosing IQOS as an alternative to regular cigarettes. All you need is to make the first investment into the device. Further expenses won’t be that large. Besides, it’s possible to use one and the same sticks several times while a traditional cigarette can just be thrown away. In addition, the technology used in IQOS offers a more effective nicotine delivery. It means that you need fewer sticks to feel satisfied compared to traditional cigarettes.

How to use IQOS?

The usage of IQOS is intuitive. No lighters are required. Just take a stick, insert it into a special slot, and press a button to start the process of heating. As soon as the device is ready, you will feel a vibration or the other signal. To stop the smoking process, just press a button once again whenever you need.

The choice of IQOS devices is great today, so you can easily find a perfect one. Various modifications offer different numbers of smoking sessions, heating time, and other options. Besides, pay attention to the sticks you require to one or the other IQOS device.

Try innovative IQOS devices and discover a completely new and healthy way of smoking!

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