Sticks for IQOS: which ones are compatible with the device?

Sticks for IQOS: which ones are compatible with the device?

Those who want to buy IQOS for the first time should know all the peculiarities of its usage as well as sticks, which are compatible with the devices. While there exist various types of IQOS and related smoking systems, only certain IQOS sticks can be used for the products of the main series. They are called Heets.

What is special about IQOS and Heets?

The creator of IQOS—Philip Morris International—made an absolutely innovative device with the help of new technologies. It consists of a charger and a pen-like holder. There’s a heating blade located inside the device. This element is used to provide the process of heating, which replaced the burning process typical of traditional cigarettes.

Due to the construction of IQOS, it’s crucial to use the right sticks to enjoy a wonderful smoking experience. Heets were developed by the same manufacturer for IQOS tobacco heating systems. Such products consist of an innovative filtering system and the tobacco part. The tobacco gets warmed to produce vapor instead of smoke. Due to the peculiarities of the filter that contains several layers, the vapor gets cold and pleasant to inhale. At the same time, excess moisture gets successfully eliminated.

Speaking about Heets, it’s essential to mention the tobacco quality. First of all, smokers can be sure that only pure tobacco without any additional substances is used in sticks. Its unusual consistency is reached due to the use of a special technology. The carefully selected tobacco is dried, fermented, and ground to make it suitable for compact sticks and IQOS devices.

The manufacturer takes care of the quality of all products, which is why only well-known tobacco varieties are used for the creation of sticks. What’s more, the company keeps creating new flavors to meet the requirements of the growing number of IQOS owners.

Why are sticks for IQOS beneficial?

Many people today make a decision to give up smoking or make this habit less harmful. Heets might become a perfect alternative to plain cigarettes due to a range of advantages the sticks offer:

  • They have a pleasant taste. Thanks to the careful choice of tobacco and the technology that allows producing vapor, Heets are much more pleasant compared to cigarettes. They have a smooth and deep taste.
  • They are represented by the great diversity of flavors. Heets are truly numerous. New mixtures are regularly created to meet the needs of smokers. Conservative smokers can enjoy various traditional blends or varieties with nutty or coffee notes. Those who like something refreshing can choose from numerous menthol tastes. For people with unusual preferences, there exist multiple variations with fruits and even extraordinary series with exotic blends.
  • They are safe. Do you remember that there’s no burning process connected with smoking Heets? Thus, we inhale vapor, not smoke. Thanks to this, there’s no harm to our lungs and other organs. Due to the absence of combustion products, Heets are also harmless to the environment.
  • They are nice and comfortable to use. Sticks are small and convenient. They won’t take up too much space in your bag or pocket. In addition, you can start or stop smoking at any time and also continue the process with the same stick.
  • They are more satisfying. Thanks to the effective nicotine delivery, fewer of them are required to feel satisfied. One stick will provide up to 14 puffs on average.

It’s very easy to use IQOS sticks. Just insert one into the device, turn it on to start the heating process, and then enjoy an incomparable taste chosen in accordance with your preferences.

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