Try a completely new way of smoking with IQOS Iluma

Try a completely new way of smoking with IQOS Iluma

IQOS Iluma is one of the innovations of tobacco heating systems developed by Philip Morris International. It will help smokers discover an alternative way of smoking, which is healthier, more comfortable, and more pleasant. Make sure to know all the important information about this new device to enjoy all its benefits.

What is IQOS Iluma?

A new series of devices was launched in 2023. It’s characterized by a few important changes that include innovations to make the process of smoking more comfortable. As a result, the convenience of the device as well as the operation process has been slightly modified. It is created out of high-quality materials including anodized aluminum that adds to its durability.

Let’s observe all the new technologies used in Iluma:

  • A smart induction system. It’s the most crucial change that greatly influenced the whole smoking experience. Such a solution was developed based on the users’ requirements and preferences. Compared to all the existing variations of IQOS, Iluma is completely bladeless. It means that there’s no heating element located inside the device. And sticks for Iluma get warmed with the help of the other technology. The heating element is integrated into sticks themselves, thus, making the device more long-lasting. The sticks get warmed via electromagnetic induction.
  • Compact design. Compared to the devices of the previous generation, an innovation is compact and lightweight. As a result, it became more comfortable to hold in hand and take with you anywhere. What’s more, the devices are represented by several versions and very nice colors.
  • Innovative sticks. Special sticks were created especially for Iluma. They have a special construction and are closed at both ends to ensure the high-quality process of heating.
  • A more effective charging. It’s vital for many users that the device can now be charged much faster compared to previous-generation models. What’s more, it will be a pleasant surprise that the device can be used for two consecutive smoking sessions. It means it works longer and more effectively.

Types of IQOS Iluma

Today, several Iluma devices are offered to smokers. They are:

  • It’s a classic modification that is mostly created on the basis of the main IQOS line. It’s a good choice for people who got used to the previous modifications of the device but want to test the innovation. The case will provide 20 times of charging for the holder, so you can have 40 full sessions in general.
  • Iluma One. It’s a universal and most affordable modification. It has a simple intuitive design and can be fast and easily used. 20 uses with a full battery are available. The model is lightweight and pocket-friendly, so it’s a perfect alternative for standard cigarette smokers.
  • Iluma Prime. It’s considered a luxury model. The device looks extremely stylish and attractive. The case of the device got a completely new design. Besides, the device itself possesses Bluetooth capabilities. It means that it can connect to the IQOS app and make certain customizations as well as observe the information about the device. The modification is characterized by various colors and textures.

If you decide to try a new device from the Iluma series, make sure you know how to use IQOS Iluma and choose the right sticks for it. They are called Terea and are represented by the impressive diversity of flavors. New tastes are regularly created to meet the requirements of the growing number of Iluma fans. Just choose your device and change the way of smoking forever.

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