Try a diversity of Heets flavors to make a smoking experience really enjoyable

Try a diversity of Heets flavors to make a smoking experience really enjoyable

Many people today decide to change the way of smoking. With innovative IQOS devices, it becomes easier and more pleasant. Thanks to the diversity of special sticks developed for such smoking systems, every smoker can find a perfect alternative to traditional cigarettes. Discover all the peculiarities of Heets products in our article.

What are Heets?

Philip Morris International is a company that is responsible for the creation of IQOS. The manufacturer used the latest technologies to make the smoking process truly enjoyable and safe. Along with special devices, the company also created sticks that are compatible with IQOS. They are called Heets.

The possibility of using IQOS Heets for tobacco heating systems is connected with the peculiarities of sticks’ construction. In general, it consists of a filter and a tobacco part. The filtration system is innovative in order to make the taste of tobacco soft and pleasant. The first part of this system is an acetate segment. Then a cylinder made of biopolymer comes, which is completely safe for the human organism. Thanks to this, the vapor produced gets colder and less wet. Finally, there’s another part represented by the acetate segment. However, there’s a hole made in it in order to provide better ventilation. The tobacco part of a stick takes just about 30%. And thanks to the quality of tobacco and the innovative heating system of the device, the delivery of nicotine is just wonderful. Thus, you actually don’t need more tobacco inside.

The quality of tobacco

Many people worry about what they actually smoke when using IQOS and Heets. Some people think that a tobacco substitute is used for sticks. It’s not actually true. Philip Morris International uses only carefully selected tobacco, while its unusual look is connected with a different manufacturing technology. The selected tobacco gets dried, fermented, and finally ground on a special machine. For further usage, the tobacco is processed. As a result, IQOS devices can then effectively heat the tobacco instead of burning it.

Thanks to such technology, people will never inhale harmful substances or combustion products as it happens with standard cigarettes. What’s more, the taste of tobacco becomes brighter and more pleasant.

The benefits of Heets

You should keep in mind that Heets are created especially for IQOS devices. Such sticks offer the following advantages:

  • Excellent quality. The manufacturer always takes care of the quality of products, so only premium tobacco is used for the creation of various blends.
  • The variety of tastes. Heets are represented by numerous varieties. From time to time, new series appear. Thus, it’s possible to buy traditional, fruit, berries, and menthol flavors. There’re also special editions, which include capsule series and exotic mixtures.
  • Safety for people and environment. The sticks get heated, so there’s no harmful influence on people’s lungs or other organs. The absence of smoke and burning provides the safety of Heets to the environment.
  • Comfort of usage. There’re more places, where it’s allowed to smoke Heets compared to plain cigarettes. Many people also smoke them at home. The aroma of vapor is pleasant and harmless. What’s more, it’s possible to start or stop smoking whenever you need by just pressing a button on your device.
  • Long-lasting experience. Many people ask how long do IQOS Heets last. On average, one stick can be used for up to 6 minutes or 14 puffs. What’s more, smokers will require fewer of them to feel satisfied thanks to the effective nicotine delivery.

Heets are a perfect alternative to cigarettes. Try and find a perfect taste for yourself!

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