Make the use of IQOS more comfortable and stylish with various accessories

Make the use of IQOS more comfortable and stylish with various accessories

Today, the use of different IQOS devices has turned into a popular trend. Many people have already changed the way they smoke thanks to the great choice of products from Philip Morris International. The devices are characterized not only by their security for the environment and human health but also by an extremely stylish design, which prompted many IQOS owners to search for additional IQOS accessories with the same style to make the device and smoking process more individual. The manufacturer always takes care of smokers and takes their preferences into account. Thanks to this, numerous accessories are now available to IQOS owners.

Types of accessories

The choice of accessories for IQOS is numerous. Some of them influence just a visual look of the devices while others have certain functional benefits and might be quite useful to make the smoking process more comfortable. Consider the most popular varieties of trend IQOS accessories:

  • Pocket chargers. Such items are usually a part of a set a smoker buys. The element can be easily replaced with a new one. It happens in the cases of losing or broking a charger. Sometimes people just want to refresh the visual look of their IQOS with a new stylish charger. These accessories also have an important functional meaning. They help charge the device to continue using it longer.
  • It’s another replaceable substitute for IQOS kits. It’s an important part that is responsible for the tobacco heating process. Without it, it’s impossible to use IQOS. Smokers can choose a nice color to express their personality.
  • Ceramic trays. Such items are created for the comfortable and stylish storage of various used sticks. They are suitable for any sort of sticks and can become a wonderful addition to the house interior. Ceramic products look solid and attractive.
  • Plastic trays. It’s a good alternative to ceramic items for used sticks. It provides greater affordability and safety because the material won’t crack if a tray falls down.
  • Another way to make an IQOS device more personalized is to buy a cap. They are represented by various colors so that everyone can choose a perfect style. Just make sure the accessory suits your modification of IQOS.
  • Sleeve cases. Such items are a perfect choice to provide safe and comfortable storage for your tobacco heating device. Made of high-quality silicone, they guarantee good protection from cracks and other kinds of damage. A wide choice of colors is another advantage that helps choose an ideal accessory. 
  • Door covers. Such items are nice for covering the open side of your device. They are useful for additional protection and the creation of a stylish and personalized look thanks to the accessibility of various colors.
  • Side covers. These accessories are a sort of alternative to the door covers, which are created for Lil Solid devices. Thanks to such covers, the heating system will be protected, while your IQOS will look nice and pleasant.
  • Cleaning tools and sticks. Such accessories will be useful for all the versions of the devices. They will help to keep them in order and provide durability and good functioning. It’s possible to buy cleaning sticks or purchase a smartly-designed cleaning device with an integrated brush.

The use of various accessories is able to make the use of IQOS more comfortable and guarantee its long life. The most important thing to consider when choosing such items is the model of your device. Make sure the accessory is suitable for your heating system and make a choice in favor of security, style, and convenience.

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